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About the Artist - Kevin Koch

My goal is to offer reasonably priced original motorsports art and limited edition prints to racing fans.  I have been a racing fan and participant for over 40 years.  My current street and autocross ride is a 2004 LeMans Collector Edition Corvette.  Whether I am in my garage working on the Corvette or in my art studio brushing in the details of my latest art effort, I love making high performance cars look good. One primary motivation as each piece takes shape is to convey some of the beauty and excitement of these machines to the viewer.  To make my car perform at its best for autocross , I must pay close attention to every detail. I value the same attention to detail in every one of my paintings. Each stroke is made with precision and accuracy in an effort to capture the beauty, grace and  raw power of the cars in the painting. 


$30 to $50 for signed and numbered prints, includes certificate of authenticity

original paintings are also available.  Contact me for price and availability

Prints can also be purchased using a credit card through my site at  Just click on "Go to Link"  below each image and you will be taken to the site.





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